The Moment of Sudden Progress

Writed by Moncef in 03/12/2023.

Sudden progress moments are the result of a lot of previous work. In other words, progress is not really measured by the progress itself, but by the number of steps you take towards that progress.

A year and a half ago, with the goal of building a successful technology company, I took my first steps in learning HTML. Luckily for me, and knowing this law, I have been learning every day until this moment. I ask God to help me build this company, and find my moment of sudden progress.

In this blog, you will follow the story of my many steps to reach my sudden progress.

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- About Moncef Aissaoui:

Made selance, rawdati, dushdo. I'm currently building an open-source project for Algerian developers and startup founders named wolfroad and cheapres. I love reading and writing about business and programming.

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