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Full-Stack Developer

Startup Enthusiast


Welcome! I'm Moncef Aissaoui, a full-stack developer from Algeria. I love building new things and facing new challenges every day. My passions include building startups, reading, and blogging. Join me on my journey towards achieving my goals as I share insights on this website.

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A Glimpse into My Recent Projects

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With this app, you can easily create tasks, set timers, and track your progress. In addition, there is a sound studio feature that allows you to listen to white noise or any thing. while you work. The app also has statistics page where you can view your progress and a settings page to customize your experience.

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An open-source voice translation starter, aiming to integrate with platforms like Discord and Zoom. A foundational step towards breaking language barriers.

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Feel free to drop me an email at:

You can also reach me by phone at: +213 782 90 3876